The passion we have for what we do is the secret to our success. This passion, allied with our experience and skill, allows us use the most appropriate and efficient training methods for anyone who walks into our Academy.

Our Instructors are trained to not only teach you the best in Self-Defense and Martial Arts, but to inspire and empower you to always do your best. These habits will eventually be carried out into other areas of your life. With Martial Arts training, we learn resilience, humility and a problem-solving skill like to other activity out there.


BJJ Adults/Kids/Teens/MMA

  • BJJ Black Belt 4th Degree
  • Bachelor`s Degree in Physical Education Science
  • BXC Bantam weight Champion, WEC, PXC and AFC Veteran MMA Fighter
  • Head Coach of ATT Deerfield Beach
  • IBJJF Official Referee Certificated
  • ATT Pro fighter MMA record 9-4
  • 15+ Years of teaching experience


BJJ Kids

  • BJJ Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • Bachelor`s Degree in Physical Education Science
  • Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (Fitflex / Circuit Training)
  • Certified Physical Conditioning Expert
  • Graduate Degree in Sports Training Science
  • 15+ Years of teaching experience


BJJ Adults / Teens

  • BJJ Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • Judo Black Belt
  • 2015 Black Belt Miami Open Gold
  • 2015 Black Belt Miami Open Silver Open Weight
  • 2016 Black Belt Miami Open Silver
  • 2001 Gracie Worlds No Gi Gold
  • 2002 Pan-American Silver
  • 2001 Gracie Worlds Silver
  • IBJJF Official Referee Certificated
  • 10+ Years of teaching experience


BJJ Adults

  • BJJ Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • Judo Black Belt 3rd Dan
  • 10+ Years of teaching experience


BJJ Adults / Teens

  • BJJ Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • 10+ Years of teaching experience  


BJJ Adults / MMA

  • BJJ Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • ATT Amateur fighter MMA record 3-2


BJJ Adults / Wrestling

  • BJJ Black Belt 1st degree
  • Wrestling Coach 


Boxing / BJJ / MMA

  • Boxing Instructor, BJJ Instructor and MMA Instructor.
  • Professional MMA fighter American Top Team
    Pro record 8-1.3 times All-American titles
  • Current Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


BJJ Adults / Judo / MMA

  • BJJ Black Belt 1st Degree
  • Judo Black Belt 2sd Dan
  • 7th Dan of Shintai Ryu Ju-Jutsu
  • 5th Dan Go Ju Ryu Karate
  • 2sd Dan Shorinji Kempo
  • Certified Instructor in Catch as Catch can Wrestling
  • 20+ Years of teaching experience


Muay Thai Adults / Teens

  • Muay Thai Amateur Record: 4-1
  • Muay Thai Professional Record:7-2
  • Professional MMA Fighter with American Top Team
  • Current BJJ Blue Belt


Kickboxing Adults

  • Kickboxing Instructor
  • MMA Instructor
  • Current MMA Fighter
  • Current BJJ Blue Belt


BJJ Kids Instructor

  • BJJ Brown Belt 
  • 10+ of teaching experience


BJJ Kids Instructor

  • Current BJJ Blue Belt


BJJ Kids Instructor

  • Current BJJ Blue Belt

Family Environment

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What ours students have to say about us!

Not knowing the directions around Boca Raton was the best thing that happened to me since coming here, as I mistook ATT Deerfield for being the closest mma school to my house. Not only did I find a great teacher in Master Rafael Rebello, but also a dear friend. When he first greeted me in my tryout class, I felt right at home.In addition to ATT Deerfield’ s fun family atmosphere, there are several things that set it apart from the rest. To begin with Master Rafi has a clear plan for each month and structures the class around a specific set of techniques. He also explains the techniques clearly and adjusts them to suit all the different levels in class. There are also several classes during the day and throughout the week, so you can pick those that best fit your schedule. This also means that the classes are small, which allows you to watch Master Rafi break down the technique from every angle. Most importantly, there is enough room for everyone to roll under his watchful supervision. And the adjustments he tells you to make while rolling become part of your game that you would never easily forget. Although I wasn’t sure that jiu jitsu was for me when I first began training, I can confidently say that Master Rafi has got me hooked on it!

To me ATT Deerfield is more than just an MMA school. It’s my home away from home.

Zein Rasheed

I have had the pleasure of training at American Top Team for 10 months now and have to say that it has been an amazing experience. Mr. Rafael Rebello is an outstanding teacher and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Mr. Rebello is very patient and thorough in the application of instruction that he gives. His attention to small details and body position mechanics and placement has allowed me to develop beyond my initial expectations. He is honest, patient, respectful, humorous, and has a level of integrity and energy. Mr. Rebello readily gives feedback and is always willing to go the extra mile and meet the students as needed. I have been involved in martial arts for 20 years and have had the pleasure of being influenced by many great instructors. I would like to say that I hold Mr. Rebello in the highest regard and he is one of the best all-around instructors I have ever had. I would highly recommend him both on a personal and professional level.

Nathan Hughes