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Marc Drautz

I have studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu most of my life and when I found American Top Team in Deerfield Beach, I knew my 4 year old son had to learn from the best. He is now 14 and still loves the art. It's amazing to watch a middle school student roll with high level belted adults on a nightly bases and always have fun. Rafael Rebello's attention to perfect technique and his unending encouragement and family like gym makes the art of Jiu jitsu life changing. There are many things you can do for your kids, but giving them the opportunity to learn the art of Jiu Jitsu will be one that they can use the rest of their lives.

Heather E. White
Black Belt - Thai Kickboxing / BJJ White Belt

         Master Professor Rebello is the finest example of a BJJ teacher & coach one could hope to train with.
The expertise in his discipline, combined with his gentle, nurturing teaching style, make him an exceptional coach.
The first time I met Master Rebello, I was a complete beginner who had walked into the world- renowned American Top Team training facility in Coconut Creek, FL. I was so nervous & intimidated, I started to leave.
However when Master Rebello introduced himself and took me under his wing, my fear went away. He welcomed me to his class, and took as much time with me, as he did with the advanced students. The individual attention & encouragement he provided meant the world to me. I gained confidence and believed I could really do this! I had become part of the ATT family.
I have fond memories of my first class with Master Rebello; I am forever grateful for his kindness and can’t recommend him highly enough. Osss.

Heather E. White
PhD - Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Black Belt - Thai Kickboxing
White Belt - BJJ

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