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Here's what some of our students have to say!

- Feraaz Hosein -

" I have had the pleasure of training at ATT Deerfield for the past two months. As a complete beginner I was initially apprehensive, however, Rafael ensured that I safely and gradually learned the basics to create a solid foundation.
Rafael’s NO EGO ethos trickles down to all levels from the coaches to the students. He creates a fun, energetic and safe environment for students from beginners to advanced. The coaches are highly engaged and make certain that students teach each other, forming genuine camaraderie.
The gym is thoroughly sanitized and the staff is friendly, welcoming and efficient. I highly recommend! "

- Andrew Beadnell -

" I have been training here for a couple months now and couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. I was really nervous to try BJJ, but after a trial class I signed up immediately. When you walk in the door the first time here’s what to expect; First, you’ll be greeted with a smile and enthusiasm. The instructors and secretary make sure to acknowledge you and welcome you to the ATT Deerfield family! After that, it’s time to hit the mats. I really appreciate that this academy puts safety first. The most important person on the mat will be your training partner, and we always strive to keep our training partner safe. That’s what the coaches teach from day one. Lastly, the head coach has a wealth of BJJ knowledge from decades of experience as a competitor and teacher. You’ll learn techniques that work! What’s better than that? "

- Michael Smith -

" So grateful I found and joined ATT Deerfield! In the little amount of time I’ve trained here I feel I’ve learned so much! All the instructors are amazing. Special thanks to Rafael and Bruno! Also, the fellow students that I get too train with daily for all your patience and willingness help. Rafael Rebello has created an amazing culture here. Highly recommend for anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai , boxing or self defense in general! "

- Luka Walley -

" I work Security for the Building that AMERICAN TOP TEAM is in, for 6 months I’d peek my head in and watch a little bit and noticed the encouragement to one another and how they treated each other like a family and the coaches were humble to there students in the way they taught, to say the least I was impressed. So I finally mustard up the courage to get in there and I’ll never look back. It’s been a life changing experience. Everyone wants to help you succeed in learning the art. "

- Harlin Rodriguez -

" By far the best mixed martial arts gym in Florida. The head instructor Rafael is a world class practitioner, his technique and knowledge of the sport is second to none. The environment is also great and the other training partners there make you feel welcomed and are more then happy to teach you. I would be more than happy to bring friends and family to train there. "

- Cainã Oliveira Simões -

" A gym different from the others, Rafael, despite not having the size, looks like a father, an excellent professional, exceptional teachers, very attentive. A place I definitely recommend. "


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