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Brendan HegemanParent of two Kids

From Karen and me:

Besides getting a good workout and learning a life skill, our children are learning respect and camaraderie. And the best part is that they love attending their BJJ classes at American Top Team in Deerfield Beach. Mestre Rafael Rebello and his expert staff work with every child to ensure that they are advancing to the best of their abilities. I would heartily recommend American Top Team in Deerfield to anyone, young or old if they want to benefit from a truly challenging and rewarding martial art. You don’t learn dance steps or use antiquated defense techniques. This is a proven, time tested system that the students apply in drills and live competition that builds character and confidence.

Brendan and Karem Hegeman.

Zein RasheedPurple Belt

      Not knowing the directions around Boca Raton was the best thing that happened to me since coming here, as I mistook ATT Deerfield for being the closest mma school to my house. Not only did I find a great teacher in Master Rafael Rebello, but also a dear friend. When he first greeted me in my tryout class, I felt right at home.In addition to ATT Deerfield’ s fun family atmosphere, there are several things that set it apart from the rest. To begin with Master Rafi has a clear plan for each month and structures the class around a specific set of techniques. He also explains the techniques clearly and adjusts them to suit all the different levels in class. There are also several classes during the day and throughout the week, so you can pick those that best fit your schedule. This also means that the classes are small, which allows you to watch Master Rafi break down the technique from every angle. Most importantly, there is enough room for everyone to roll under his watchful supervision. And the adjustments he tells you to make while rolling become part of your game that you would never easily forget. Although I wasn’t sure that jiu jitsu was for me when I first began training, I can confidently say that Master Rafi has got me hooked on it!

To me ATT Deerfield is more than just an mma school. It’s my home away from home.

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