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How Parents’ Attitude and Education are Important for Their Kids’ Future

Educating Yourself, and Not Just Your Kids, is So Important!
Here at American Top Team Deerfield Beach, Coach Rafael Rebello and family are always worried about education not just of their children but also of their students. That is why we want to emphasize some points we believe are very important for the kids’ future.
At American Top Team Deerfield Beach, we believe that it is not just a matter of enrolling your children in a martial arts class or in a good private school and think that these actions are enough for their future. Kids need to deal with frustration, they need to listen to a negative response and they need limits. With our busy lives, parents sometimes don’t have much time to spend with their children and when they are together, they don’t want to frustrate them saying “no” or giving them limits. But these attitudes will not help them to grow and develop in a good way for their future. It is important that parents try to be involved actively in their lives and learning with consistent attitudes and actions. Otherwise, our efforts will not be enough to build their personalities and characters.
American Top Team Deerfield Beach wants you to reflect: what kind of children do you want to deliver for the world? Children need to learn how to be supportive, how to share, how to follow directions, how to be honest. They need to be self-sufficient, able to do their own things and to make their own decisions in a responsible and correct way. So parents have a significant participation and contribution for these achievements, although martial arts classes have a huge importance for the learning skills and principles. We have to work closely together to make it.
Here at American Top Team Deerfield Beach, we are always trying to do our part of the job, teaching the kids how to deal with their frustrations inside or outside the mat, combining martial arts training and playing games. Most of the time life is not exactly the way that we believe and want, so we have to deal with negative attitudes and frustrations that will demand us positive and intelligent actions. Martial arts will contribute for them to learn how to deal with many situations in life, but they need their parents’ participation and commitment.
American Top Team Deerfield Beach/Boca Raton cares about the future of our kids and families. Let’s keep on track and work together to build better people and consequently a better world.

Karate Isn’t Your Child’s Only Option! Learn the Different Types of Martial Arts at ATT Deerfield Beach.

What are the differences between the various types of martial arts? What exactly am I enrolling my child to do?


We’ve been receiving a lot of calls from parents who would like to enroll their children in a martial arts program, but they do not know the differences between the types of martial arts. If you are a parent searching for karate classes in Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton, it is important to know there are many more options! Here at American Top Team, many parents call and enroll their children thinking they will be taking typical karate classes for kids, when their child will be learning a different type of martial arts entirely. In this article, we will try to explain the differences as well as what we teach our children here at the gym.


Different types of Martial Arts:






Judo was created in 1882 by the physical education professor Jigoro Kano in Japan. It is a Martial Art created for self-defense, developing the body, soul and mind. Its technique uses basically the strength and weight of the opponent. In a simple way, the creator of Judo discovered that any person can throw another without using a lot of strength.






Jiu Jitsu is similar to Judo, except it takes place “on the ground” instead of standing. It is a lot like grappling combined with submission moves. Also like Judo, it was created in Japan. But it was refined in Brazil, where it evolved into the martial art it is today. There is no use of weapons in its practice. This type of fighting style is considered the basis for modern combat sports.






It is a Martial Art developed at Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa, in Japan. It alternates punches, kicks, knee, elbow and open hand techniques.






It is classified as an American free style fight, which fighters compete without weapons. Wrestling is a type of sport where one competitor tries to defeat the opponent without attacking him with any type of weapon.




What to Expect with Jiu-Jitsu at American Top Team Rafael Rebello


Judo, Wrestling and Karate techniques are used in the Jiu-Jitsu class at American Top Team Deerfield Beach so your child may learn some of them. Master Rafael Rebello started his career in Martial Arts with Judo. Today, he teaches the basic techniques of Judo and Jiu Jitsu, which are essential for showing kids the proper, technical way to “fall.” He also uses karate techniques as an important mental conditioning for the children, helping to control their impulses, while teaching respect and discipline.


On Wednesday  the classes are “Kimono-free,” so the children can practice wrestling and learn falling techniques, which are important to improve their jiu-jitsu. Our Jiu-Jitsu program offers other martial arts’ techniques to improve our future champions’ learning process. The classes are divided by age and level (belts). At American Top Team Deerfield Beach, we follow the Jiu-Jitsu Federation standards.


We hope that this has been helpful and enlightening. Our purpose in teaching martial arts to kids is so that they may become complete human beings and learn principles that will serve them well into their adult lives. If you are interested in starting your child in martial arts classes, sign up for a week of free classes to see what it’s all about!

Boxing Class

Boxing is a sport that dates back thousands of years and we at American Top Team Deerfield Beach have been continuing the tradition for over 12 years with our Deerfield Beach boxing class. Our boxing program is very traditionally structured, and while it is a great cardio workout that builds strength and endurance, what our classes really stress is the technique aspect of “the sweet science”. We want you to not only be able to hit the heavy bag, but actually box effectively against a defending opponent.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have boxing experience our Deerfield Beach boxing class has something for everyone. We offer fundamentals classes which focus more on technique and pad work, but we also offer advanced boxing classes which not only teach more advanced techniques, but also give our students an opportunity to spar more, all in a safe, supervised environment.

We also recommend boxing for anyone training Muay Thai or other forms of kickboxing. While Muay Thai focuses more on knees and elbows, our Deerfield Beach Boxing class allows you the opportunity to focus solely on the punching techniques that are often not stressed as much in other striking-based martial arts. People interested in training mixed martial arts also find boxing classes very useful in rounding out their game and making them comfortable on their feet to be a more well-rounded fighter.

Whether your interest in boxing is as an after work hobby that helps you stay in shape, an effective form of self defense, or to fight competitively, our Deerfield Beach boxing class offers something for everyone. Now 2 days a week. Come try a class today!

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